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NEW MOVIE - in progress! (big project)

2007-08-13 18:20:34 by InSaneTK

I'm working on a movie which I will make as epic, awesome and everything as i can do!

I have a very complex storyline in my head that I hope to fully implement. I also have found a lot of great music that i can use for this which not many have heard of. There will be a lot of everything it, and I think cutting down on dialog is a good thing because thats something that there is to much of in current new films (No silent moments).

Take a look at my DeviantART gallery if you want to, by the way!


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2007-08-13 18:29:12

I dont know who you are but I will check back for it.

InSaneTK responds:

I don't know who you are but I'll thank you for it.


2007-08-13 20:43:24

LOL ur art is pretty gd man! i wil definitely keep an eye out for ur work!


2007-08-27 08:52:21

your kamino storm artwork is brilliant, i love it. good luck with ur new movie


2008-04-11 13:23:47

best art i have seen! your art rocks dude! keep it up!


2010-04-14 10:24:46

i hope it is as good, no, better than your this stick figure sucks. that was hilarious!

btw, is it a game or movie? (hey you`re light to! they`re hard to come by!)